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Based in Coeur d’alene Idaho, Morgan Bruneel shoots in a style that puts her subjects at ease and brings their playful/active side out while still getting important branding needs into the frame.  Years of adventuring and exploring the outdoors gives her a unique edge when shooting for outdoor brands.  In addition, almost 10 years of being a mom has given her the unique skill set to work creatively with young children. 


Morgan enjoys skiing, swimming, hiking, snowshoeing, cliff jumping, kayaking and mild mountain biking (with aspirations to improve!) She and her husband have 4 young children. In her spare time (which happens maybe once a month….see note about 4 children) she works through the mountain of books on her nightstand and kindle. 


Morgan has a BFA from Brigham Young University with an emphasis in Photography.


What I offer :

-Content creation || photo + video
-Outdoor commercial shoots 

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